Of Goals and Resolutions


I don’t make resolutions. For starters, I don’t like the word “resolute”—it sounds too rigid and stodgy; in life, I think fluidity and adaptability is a better goal than the straight-forward, strict stubbornness implied in “resolute.”

Besides, I suck at resolutions.

I admire those who stick by them.

Anyway, you might … Continue reading

Into the Fire Blog Tour

Looking for Monster Monday posts? Look below this post!

I’m going on tour! Wooo!

Regular Monster posts to be continued, although you’ll have to look below this post for them!

Wondering where I’m at each day? Here’s the schedule for you! I’ll edit in the links to … Continue reading

Monster Monday: La Chasse-galerie

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I first learned about La Chasse-galerie in my high school’s french class. La Chasse-galerie, known also as The Bewitched Canoe or The Flying Canoe, is a legend from Quebec. According to Wikipedia, it has … Continue reading