#Wordsthaw 2014, now with pictures!

It was a tough commute today, but dozens of brave, pioneering individuals slogged through the fierce, snowy conditions–the very same cold, white, heartless substance that closed the Coquihalla Highway and subjected southern climates to a brisk dusting–affecting the commute in Victoria, BC to attend this year’s Wordsthaw event.

So today it snowed in Victoria, BC, CANADA

This was three feet from my car. Mortifying.

What is Wordsthaw, you ask? Well! Wordsthaw is an annual symposium hosted by The Malahat Review, targeted for the local, literary-inclined (although there was a presenter from as far away as Perth, Ontario, and a few brave souls up from the States). I first heard about Wordsthaw in the writing class I’m taking this term, in which my professor always keeps us in the know about what events and contests are happening and how we can take part.

At first, I wasn’t going to go. I was way too broke to waste money on symposiums and seminars and what-have-yous, and I should probably do homework instead, or pre-emptively write some essays that are due next month, or, you know, anything that could justify to the part of me that wanted to go into believing that this rational, hard truth was reality.

Then I won a raffle for a full weekend pass.


At first I was like :)

I’ve come to realize that 90% of the photos I’ve distributed of myself online are wearing this same blue shirt.

Yep. I was so going. And it was an awesome time. I had to miss the prequel event on Thursday, as I had a prior engagement at the barn I work/ride at, but I broke a few speed limits on Friday in order to make the first pass-only event. It was a reading (several readings, actually) by eight authors and poets I’d never heard of (sorry!), but some of whose work I probably now own because…

…I won the door prize:

And then I was like 8D!!!!!!

I hope you guys don’t think I only have one shirt. Because I definitely have other shirts.

Just look at all that loot. I made out like a bandit. Please excuse the wreck of a bed. This room had the best lighting for this sort of thing and, located just off screen is the cat who had annexed the sheets. There was to be no disturbing her for silly selfies.

Anyway. I had a great time. Attended a panel on Social Media, so you can expect a lot more activity from me on that front, met a few new friends including blogger Leanne Dyck and author/live-tweeter-who-I-first-met-when-we-followed-each-other-during-the-symposium Gillian Cornwall (@KilaNalu). Learned a lot, lurked a lot, and generally had a blast.

And just look at all that loot. You bet your butt I’m going back next year.

On another note, that isn’t all that I’ve won this week (weekish, I’m kind of late on reporting this. Sorry!)

Swooning over C.L. Foster's Grip of Mortality

Look at that swoon.

I am the lucky recipient of C. L. Foster‘s Grip of Mortality. She’s recently released a new book, Truth Seeker, which came out on Friday.

Apparently displaying a cover image and a link is too much for my blog this morning, so you have to make do with this text link where the image would normally be. Click here for Truth Seeker.

…and on that shameless plug, I’ll bid you all adieu. If you’re in the area next year, you should definitely come to Wordsthaw 2015. If not, come anyway.

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  1. So, you’re back from China, I guess.
    Noce to see yo back and congratulations!

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