Firebird, Chapter 3


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The editing process is, so far, chugging along at the speed I’d expected. With optimism, hard work, and good planning, I think I can shoot for a December release for Firebird, with Tempest to release in January. That … Continue reading

Monster Monday: Yama, King of Hell

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King Yama can be found all throughout Asia. Originating in Hinduism, some myths make Yama the first man, with a sister, Yami or Yamuna, as the first woman. Others do not. Whichever the case, Yama … Continue reading

Elle Casey’s Springtime Indie Book Giveaway


Have you heard of this massive book giveaway? Elle Casey, novelist extraordinaire, has gathered authors from far and wide (myself included) to participate in an enormous giveaway of books. The give-away runs May … Continue reading