Firebird, Chapter 6


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Well, Canada has a new government and we have a new chapter! Not to compare Firebird to Canada, although there is an excessive amount of snow in above-ground Lyarne this time of year…

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Firebird, Chapter 5


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Hope you enjoyed the pictures yesterday. I’m experimenting with the different “post styles” available on this WordPress layout. Considering doing a one-picture-per-week, since I have a hard drive full of approximately 4500 pictures from my time abroad.

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Firebird, Chapter 3


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The editing process is, so far, chugging along at the speed I’d expected. With optimism, hard work, and good planning, I think I can shoot for a December release for Firebird, with Tempest to release in January. That … Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 2


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After over a month’s wait, here—finally—is Chapter 2.

Things at the day job have slowed down, now that we’re back at full staff, and I’m starting to look at a tentative publication date for Firebird. Late last week, … Continue reading

Into the Fire Blog Tour

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I’m going on tour! Wooo!

Regular Monster posts to be continued, although you’ll have to look below this post for them!

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