Firebird, Chapter 4

This is post 4 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Welp, just mailed in my ballot for the Canadian election—better known by approximately 60% of the country as “Anybody But Stephen Harper” day. It was a bit of a process. I learned from UPS that they only do overnight deliveries—not… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 3

This is post 3 of 24 in the series “Firebird” The editing process is, so far, chugging along at the speed I’d expected. With optimism, hard work, and good planning, I think I can shoot for a December release for Firebird, with Tempest to release in January. That should stagger the… Continue reading

Into the Fire Blog Tour

Looking for Monster Monday posts? Look below this post! I’m going on tour! Wooo! Regular Monster posts to be continued, although you’ll have to look below this post for them! Wondering where I’m at each day? Here’s the schedule for you! I’ll edit in the links to individual posts as… Continue reading