Send to Kindle and Windows 10

All right, so I decided to try out Instafreebie this weekend as a way of delivering free ebooks to readers–click here for the giveaway (ends February 1, 2017)–and found a bit of a snag.

Send to Kindle, the program which sends your newly downloaded book to the Amazon device/app of your choice, has some problems with Windows 10.

I found a guide explaining how to get around it (click here), but thought a pictorial representation might be better for people.

First, open your File Explorer (the File Folder icon at the bottom of your screen) and paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon\SendToKindle into the address bar. Hit Enter (or press that little arrow at the end of the address bar for the same effect).stktroubleshoot1

Now we’re in your Program Files. Right-click SendToKindle.exe.stktroubleshoot2

A little menu should come up. Click “Troubleshoot compatibility”. It should open a new window and allow you to click “okay” or “yes” or some such thing to let it work out its kinks. Eventually, it will tell you that it’s done.stktroubleshoot3

But wait! You’re not done! If you’re computer is anything like mine, Send to Kindle will not appear in your Start Menu or your Search tab. I doubt even Cortana can find it! (I didn’t ask her.) Right click on that sucker again! Hit “Pin to taskbar” stktroubleshoot4

Now, Send to Kindle will be ripe and raring to go any time you need it.stktroubleshoot5

Unfortunately, it will be sitting in your task bar, never hidden from view. But that’s the price we pay for efficiency, right? I sure as heck don’t want to copy and paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon\SendToKindle every time I want to use the darn thing…

Want to test it? Check out if I’m giving anything away by clicking here! I don’t mind being a guinea pig!**

**Caution, if you don’t know my writing, there is often some foul language involved. Here’s Instafreebie’s front page if you think something else might be more your cup of tea. I won’t be offended!

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  1. Or, get a Mac and leave Windoze for good. Or even Linux, which you might find better than either MacOS or Windoze. If you need Windoze for work, ebay for a used Mac for reading and writing. Word really sux for writing, though it has become a defacto standard for sharing.

  2. It can be added by selecting Pin to Start instead of to the taskbar.

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