La Sylphide

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Book one in La Sylphide.

sylphideredoCould you kill a god?

It’s been six weeks since Allish Statia, former prima ballerina at the Mersetzdeitz Ballet, broke her leg during the last performance of La Sylphide. In that time, she has healed (mostly), relaxed (a lot), and taken advantage of her husband’s willingness to order take-out on most weeknights.

Then someone breaks into her apartment and points a gun at her.

Using the wind elemental powers few knew she had, she is able to subdue the man. But he is only part of something much bigger—and much more dangerous.

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Book two in La Sylphide.


Things are heating up in the city…

After last month’s confrontation with a dragon, Allish Statia has fallen into an easy routine of rehabilitation and training. With her trusted friend and mentor, she’s started learning basic mage spells, elemental control, and the intricacies of mage society.

The peace ends when an assassin shows up in her husband’s office.

With her unique abilities, Allish is able to drive him off—but when footage of the fight leaks, it puts her in the cross-hairs of every powerful mage in the city. Soon, she is running for her life in a world of dark magic, science, and corruption, and it’s going to take every ounce of her new powers if she wants to stay alive.

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