Now I even look professional!

Oh boy, my own website.

So this is love.

Just working on individual pages. I’ve put up two short stories, and you can find them in the “Freebies” or here:

A Different Kind of Magic (pdf) – A very short short story.

Cat and Meese (pdf) – A short story in which Meese meets Kitty.

I took the liberty of cross-posting “Cat and Meese” in Freebies, Kitty, and Meese. Because I can.

Speaking of cross-posting, all blog entries I do will be cross-posted on both this blog and my other blog at .

To the right you can see some links I’ve added. More to come as i get settled in.

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  1. Joshiebearthewonderful

    I don’t know why I picked that as my name but i did! 😛

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