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  1. Dave Mckitrick

    Really enjoyed into the fire, thank you Dave

    • Glad to hear it! Did you get the link to download Sylphide? It should arrive in a follow-up e-mail hen you sign up for the newsletter (which, if you’re on this page, you probably have!).

  2. I have enjoyed both the Mieshka files (so far, 70% through palace of Glass right now) and The Eurynome Code 1 & 2 (are they really related to Garden nomes?). Have thoroughly enjoyed both series, despite the sometimes ratty editing. came here looking for what’s next! Yes I have joined the mailing list!

    • Hello! Thank you for the comment, and thank you for reading! I apologize about the editing. I’m looking to send The Mieshka Files through the editor again in the next year or so (focused on Eurynome right now!). Eurynome is, I think, pronounced more like your-in-imee, though I’d love to throw in some gnomes! Eurynome 3 will launch either on December 25th or in early January, but I’ll also be putting another story up on a different platform in late November. If you’re on the newsletter, you won’t miss it! Cheers!

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