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And now, for something random, a bunch of French-Canadians in a flying canoe:

La Chasse-galerie by Henri Julien


  1. i love to read hope you have some good ones

  2. Very good writing! I enjoyed Into the Fire. Max

  3. I like your story lines, and I would recommend them, but your use of un-necessary foul language keeps me from letting our school media specialist know about the books. We have a lot of students interested in this type of stories and yours are really well written, except for the language. Thank you for coming up with the characters they are very believable.

    • Hi! Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate hearing from you. I can definitely understand why the school would be somewhat hesitant at a book with so many swears in it–I believe they are necessary for the characters and the situations they are in (in my experience, soldiers swear, bosses swear, and high schoolers seem to swear the most!), so it wouldn’t feel right for the characters if they were taken out. I do, however, have another series coming up that is much cleaner. If you’d like, I could keep your e-mail on file and send you some free copies once it’s ready? It’s somewhat like a college-aged Harry Potter mixed with the television show Fringe.

  4. Carol McGrath

    Hi Kelly! I was interested in seeing some of your work but have been out of the province (Ontario , where I now live) visiting family and friends in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. We just got back a few hours ago after a day and a half gruelling train ride and I have a lot to catch up with. I look forward to reading your work when things have settled down a bit. (The Young One starts Grade 10 tomorrow, and I have a garden full of weeding that I have to do before all those plants drop their many. many seeds!

  5. enjoyed all i have read. looking forward to more.

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