Quick Update

The rest of the 30 Day Book Meme is going to be late. And the Monster Monday posts are going to be even later than they are now. Final exams have hit. I have two major ones on New Year’s Eve, and the last one on the fourth. That’s Chinese… Continue reading

30 Day Book Meme: Favourite Book Turned Into a Movie

Black Beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I read that soooooo many times. The VHS is almost as worn as Fantasia. And that’s saying something. And Black Beauty has followed me into my adult life: the horse-drawn carriage company I work for is called Black Beauty. Haha! As for more contemporary options? I’m gonna… Continue reading

30 Day Book Meme: A Book I Thought I Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving

Eesh, that’s a long title. I actually encountered a book from The Song of Ice and Fire series well before I blazed through half the series this year (currently on that book I originally encountered now). A Feast For Crows spent a long time as a battered paperback in the… Continue reading

30 Day Book Meme: Best Book I’ve Read This Year

So, this month I am participating in the Indie Exchange’s 30 Day Book Meme! That’s right. Every day, I’ll be talking about books. All sorts of books. Check it out! This was a tough draw. Looking at my list–my list of vaguely-remembered titles that really only stretch back to last… Continue reading

The Internet is Open

I have fixed my internet issues. The Great Firewall can’t hold me back! Coming up, I’ll be participating in the Indie Exchange’s 30 Day Book Meme, so I get to spend all of December chatting about books I’ve read! I will also be chatting about life beyond the Great Wall,… Continue reading