Firebird, Chapter 19

This is post 19 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Wahoo! Firebird’s pre-order page is live and set to release February 1st! Well, the Amazon pre-order page is up, anyway. Will work on Kobo tonight. Anyway, I’m excited. I should be getting Firebird’s manuscript back from the beta reader at some point… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 18

This is post 18 of 24 in the series “Firebird” I have decided to do a pre-order (date as of yet undecided. I’m thinking January 30 or February 1. Maybe mid-February as I go on vacation between Feb 5 and 12), and have thus been tweaking Firebird’s cover. KBoards is a wonderful… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 17

This is post 17 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Marginally late on this one. It’s still Tuesday in North America, right? No? Ehheh. We’re back with our favorite fire elemental. Well, maybe not your favorite, since we now have two of them in the story. I’m not sure if I… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 16

This is post 16 of 24 in the series “Firebird” No Ketan today, we’re back to Meese, and she’s surrounded by guns. The good news is they’re not all aimed at her. Other good news—I’ve got an estimated timeline for Firebird’s release, based on a few short e-mails I exchanged with… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 15

This is post 15 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Another week, another chapter! I probably should give a small warning for some of the language used in the dialogue. Even though I didn’t warn about the violence in the earlier Meese-napping scene. Ah, well. I’m improving. We’re still with… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 14

This is post 14 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Miss me? Tonight’s chapter introduces a new character with a special talent. He’s a nice break from having the point of view told by one on the “inside”, as Robin and Meese are. Even if Robin considers herself an outsider.… Continue reading