Quick update

You might not have noticed that I bumped the release dates for both Meese as well as the series back a couple of month. I have a couple of reasons for this. First, I’m working a lot. Two jobs, 13 hour days, yada yada. No time to write, hence… the… Continue reading


I will be out of the country until the 22nd, but I will have access to my e-mail if anyone needs to contact me. Unfortunately, due to bad scheduling and an unforeseen battle with a printer, I have not set up any blogs to pop up while I’m gone. Sorry.… Continue reading

The Twelve World’s Anthology hits Amazon!

That’s right, the anthology the world has been waiting for (at least, my world…)! The Twelve World’s Anthology went live on Amazon on Sunday and, as of this writing, is #5801 in the kindle store! Although, I like the #8 bestseller in Science Fiction Short Stories list better. So, what… Continue reading

Twelve Worlds Anthology Cover

Here is the cover for the upcoming anthology, Twelve Worlds. It was generously designed by Les Petersen. Les has a lot of experience with designing book covers. If you are looking for an artist, I would definitely recommend him. Twelve Worlds is over 80, 000 words of short stories—science fiction,… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I changed the faceplate on my phone for the occasion. Actually, it was mainly because it was two in the morning and I’d just re-found all the other faceplates and was thoroughly impressed since the heart one was all holographic. Oddly, the hearts seem to rather tattered. I think I’ve… Continue reading