Firebird, Chapter 14

This is post 14 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Miss me? Tonight’s chapter introduces a new character with a special talent. He’s a nice break from having the point of view told by one on the “inside”, as Robin and Meese are. Even if Robin considers herself an outsider.… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 10

This is post 10 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Huh. Normally, I copy and paste the chapters directly from Scrivener, but this time I edited it in Open Office. Normally, I have to re-add all the bold and italics text and fix the paragraph formatting, but this time it’s… Continue reading

Firebird, Chapter 8

This is post 8 of 24 in the series “Firebird” The Firebird manuscript is over 124,000 words now and is almost through its first draft. I’ve booked a beta reader for November 20th, and an editor for December. Things are starting to move fast! Anyway. Sorry about the late chapter.… Continue reading

A quick update

A wave of pollution blew into Taiwan from China, leaving my poor, asthmatic self pretty much in ruin.

Next chapter will be up soon. Sooner if I can’t sleep through the night.


Firebird, Chapter 6

This is post 6 of 24 in the series “Firebird” Well, Canada has a new government and we have a new chapter! Not to compare Firebird to Canada, although there is an excessive amount of snow in above-ground Lyarne this time of year… Anyway. Here’s your dose of fire magic.… Continue reading