Sample Sunday: Meese

Oops! Forgot it was Sunday. My how time flies.Well, I still have 4 hours left of it, so here’s an excerpt from the novel I’m working on, Meese. * The door banged overextended on its hinges and nearly hit her when she stormed out, trailing a laughing Rachel. “Dude, come… Continue reading

Sample Sunday

This is part of the sample sunday twitter thing: here’s the link. It’s from my short story in progress that will probably be getting a new name soon but is called “The Memory Thief” right now. Warning: There is violence to a woman here. * She was running and, so… Continue reading

Quick update

You might not have noticed that I bumped the release dates for both Meese as well as the series back a couple of month. I have a couple of reasons for this. First, I’m working a lot. Two jobs, 13 hour days, yada yada. No time to write, hence… the… Continue reading


I will be out of the country until the 22nd, but I will have access to my e-mail if anyone needs to contact me. Unfortunately, due to bad scheduling and an unforeseen battle with a printer, I have not set up any blogs to pop up while I’m gone. Sorry.… Continue reading