Formatting for Kindle

When I released Cat and Meese back in November, I only released it only through Smashwords. Why? Well, after a few frustrating nights mucking about with code and conversion, I put the Kindle version aside. I had other things to do, and the definition of insanity was working me into a… Continue reading


Just passed 100 followers on Twitter! It’s exciting for me, especially since I haven’t been doing anything with regards to promotion. I suppose an update is in order. Well, The Dancer of the Wind is getting finished this week, and sent off to Beta readers. And a sequel to The… Continue reading

New covers!

Since I feel bad about not updating the blog, I’m making it up by showing off pretty pictures. These are the covers for my upcoming titles. Cat and Meese came back from the editor a while ago, and I’m almost through getting out another draft to send to my beta… Continue reading