About Me


Train Track Flail

My parents chose not to name me “Grace” for a reason.

I’m a science fiction and fantasy addict from Western Canada. In addition to writing and working, I am in my last year of my bachelor’s degree in Pacific and Asian Studies, love history, and never got over that “horse phase” that girls seem to get.

I spent a year studying Mandarin Chinese in South-West China, living in a one-room dorm at Yunnan Normal University (yes, “normal.” This particular bit of Chinese doesn’t translate well into English, but is fairly normal among Chinese universities. Yunnan University, without the “normal,” is an entirely different school and is located practically across the street from Yunnan Normal. Not confusing at all.) in Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring.

It was pretty chill there.

This is me, wearing the same blue shirt I seem to always wear in photos, chilling my butt down on the railing of a pretty chill stone bridge. I appear distracted by something to the camera's left, much like dogs are by squirrels in "Up."

This is me, demonstrating how chill it was.

Since returning to Canada to finish off my degree, I have moved to Taiwan to teach English, write books, and have a good time.

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