200 Followers Giveaway! (Complete)

Another spot at the university right across the street from mine. This campus is just too nice. The grass IS actually greener on that side.

I hit 200 followers on Twitter at some point. Not sure when, since my internet connection is too slow for my (completely licit) means of circumventing the Great Firewall of China and accessing Twitter.

Anyway. Yay!

To celebrate, I’m giving away a 20$ Amazon gift card. Yay! Don’t like Amazon? Well, if you win, I’m sure we can figure out other websites for gift cards. Could always resort to Paypal.

How do you get a chance at this card? It’s easy! Just reply to this post with a comment. On Friday (Okay, well, being in China and all, my friday is usually everyone else’s Thursday, so I’ll probably draw it extremely late on my Friday to coincide with the rest of the world’s and give everyone a chance. So, if you’re on the edge of whether or not you want to comment and enter this contest, get your post in by your Thursday, just to be safe.), I’ll plunk all the names into my magical hat, shake it up a lot, and draw one. I may even have a stylishly dressed assistant pull the name, so as to be all ceremonial and whatnot.

I’ll disable comments after the draw, to avoid confusion.

On another note, you might notice I have a new button up saying something about a Newsletter. I might add that if you sign up for said Newsletter, you’ll get information about any contests and book releases I run. Nothing more, nothing less. Well. Maybe something more, but I solemnly promise not to spam.

Anyway. Comment away!

EDIT: Comments closed as of Saturday, 1:21am Pacific Time. (Or Saturday, 4:21pm PRC Time)

And the winner is… Josh! I used the very advanced method of writing both names, in sparkly gold gel pen, on a piece of paper, tearing the slips, folding them, stuffing them into my Sean Connery mug (holds my pencils), shaking it up, then upending it on the table to see who landed closest.

Thanks for participating!

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  1. This is me being paranoid and making sure comments ARE working. I am not entering my own contest. Carry on!

  2. Hi. Who are you on twitter? Oh, never mind, I see the button!
    thanks for sharing

  3. <3 One of my favorite authors! I love being apart of your life and seeing your adventures! You rock so hard!

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